Bikes for Kids Atlanta to Provide Bicycles to Deserving Kids This Summer - Joseph M. Todd PC

To promote bicycle safety and regular helmet use, Joseph M. Todd, PC launched Atlanta’s only Bikes for Kids program.

Who is eligible to win a bicycle? Any child ages 3-16 in the greater Atlanta area who has made a positive impact in the life of someone else.

Who can nominate a child to win a bike? Parents, teachers, caregivers, neighbors, loved ones, or anyone wanting to recognize a child who has made a difference in the life of someone else.

What does “deserving” mean? There are no specific guidelines on what makes a nominee deserving of a new bike, but we encourage nominators to think about any kind things the child has done for others, or how the child has positively impacted his or her family, friends, community, or classroom. Examples include: caring for a sibling, helping an elderly neighbor, volunteering, standing up to bullies, and being extra helpful around the house. There is no financial requirement to enter and winners will not be chosen based on financial need.

How do I nominate a child to win a bike? Simply fill out the form below!

Questions about Bikes for Kids program can be directed to Anneke by emailing or by calling 770-477-7878.