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Tricky litigation of laws claims against negligent truck drivers and the companies who hire them. Negligence, when behind the wheel of an eighteen wheeler as a professional driver rises to an even greater standard of negligence. Collisions caused by the truckers negligence often times lead to the most devastating, catastrophic injuries on hand. With the number of semi-trucks on the highways exploding, so too are the number of cases involving injuries and damages caused by negligent truck drivers. Our firm devotes every resource necessary to bring about a fair recovery for the victims of trucker’s negligence as quickly as possible. Our firm has a comprehensive understanding of the complicated issues in the Department of Transportation regulations that govern them. We will work with our clients to make the industry aware of the problems and to bring about increased road safety for all.

A high percentage of traffic crashes and deaths involve large trucks. A large truck is any truck whose vehicle weighs over 10,000 pounds. Because of their size, crashes involving large trucks are more likely to result in serious injury and death rather than car crashes. Trucking companies are required to keep records of their drivers and cargo being transferred. Poor equipment and driver fatigue can be causes of such crashes, and the careful study of the trucking company’s records may be needed to determine if negligence has occurred.

Trucking accidents are different from auto accidents in many ways, one of the most serious being the extent of damages and injuries when a truck and an auto collide. Because big rigs, 18-wheelers and tractor-trailers can weigh in excess of 80,000 pounds, a trucking collision can have deadly consequences.

There are laws and regulations that are designed specifically to protect motorists from negligent actions of truck drivers and trucking companies. Federal and state regulations require truckers to have adequate rest to prevent driver fatigue on the highway. There are also other specific rules for trucks including proper loading of the materials the trucks are carrying and safety rules on traveling speeds and safety when passing other vehicles. Many modern trucks have devices that allow for their reconstruction of the trucker’s accident just before impact and all truckers are required to keep logs of their time.


If you are involved in a tractor-trailer collision or a collision of any type, the first thing to do is call emergency response to request both medical and police assistance. Never leave the scene and it is best if you do not move your vehicle. If there are any disputes over the way the collision occurred placement of the vehicles will often times assist the officer and others regarding reconstruction of the accident to determine exactly what happened. If you have a camera in your car, take pictures of damage to the vehicles and the position of vehicles along with the scene.

If you can, attempt to locate any people that may have witnessed the collision. Get their names, addresses and telephone numbers. As well exchange information with the other driver such as insurance and driver’s license information. Be sure you know which police department investigates the collision so you know where to request the police report.

In almost every collision, there is some type of trauma caused to the body. If an ambulance is offered, it is always best to go to the emergency room to be examined to ensure that are not any hidden internal injuries. Many times because of the shock or adrenaline will mask your symptoms and later appear. Emergency room doctors will also give you advice regarding follow-up care.

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