Why Hire Joseph M. Todd, PC | Jonesboro Atlanta Attorneys

1. We provide personal service. You’ll talk to an attorney regarding your case not a paralegal or a secretary. From your first call to the settlement or jury verdict, you will have an experienced attorney working on your file.

2. “Our interest is your interest.” We have been fighting for rights of injured victims for over 28 years. We also represent individuals on other types of cases and fight for your rights. You have probably contacted our website because either you or a loved one needs an aggressive lawyer. We have dedicated our professional lives to providing the highest quality of representation possible. We strive for a win-win situation. When our clients win, we win. Our clients have won against many of the biggest companies in the world and we would be honored to have a chance to evaluate your case and discuss your case free of charge.

3. We get results. Hiring Joseph M. Todd means you are hiring an attorney who has taken on the biggest companies and won. We plan on doing this again and again.

4. Our first consultation is free. Often times we can answer your questions on the phone. I f we feel after a telephone conversation we can be of assistance, we will set up an appointment to see you immediately. I will explain your rights in plain English and answer any questions at no charge. If you hire us, our fees and costs will be stated and signed.

5. If we don’t win you pay no fee. Our policy concerning legal fees is simple. In any case we take on a contingency fee basis you pay us absolutely nothing unless we win or settle your case. In addition, if we accept your case, we will advance all costs and fees necessary to process your case including expert witness fees. If we make a recovery, you will pay us reasonable percentage of the total award plus costs and expenses which we advance on your behalf. If we do not retain a recovery for you, you owe us nothing.

If we handle other than the contingency fee case, we will enter into a written contract that provides for a reasonable hourly rate.

6. You pay no costs upfront. You pay nothing upfront. When you hire Joseph M. Todd, we advance the costs of preparing and presenting your case when handled on a contingency fee basis. This can amount to hundreds or thousands of dollars. Our policy for advancing these expenses shows our commitment to you and your case. If we handle your case on a hourly basis we will prepare an itemized list of expenses and bill you for these expenses.

7. We care about our clients. The Law Firm of Joseph M. Todd is designed and created to be small enough to care about each and every individual client. We give each and every client our individual attention and your case is personally handled by Joseph M. Todd. We also have a staff of legal professionals that are dedicated to serving our client’s legal needs. We take pride in knowing our clients personally and even make it a point to assist them to other problems related to their case. Since you are the most important person in our office, we listen carefully to what you say and try to accommodate your wishes.

8. Technology. Joseph M. Todd uses the latest in computer communications technology in order to streamline the process of legal research and courtroom presentations.

9. Loyalty. Once we undertake to represent our clients, we are loyal to the end. I don’t represent insurance companies, I don’t represent manufacturers of dangerous products. I don’t represent big business. We represent the little people. We represent the people just like you and wouldn’t have it any other way. Our loyalty is to our clients.

10. We will travel to meet you. We know that if you have an injury case that can make it very difficult to travel. If you cannot come to our Jonesboro law offices, we will make a visit either to your home or to the hospital if you are physically unable to come to our office. In some cases we can even open up a file over the phone.